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Faith and LauriFaith & Laurie


ON THE ROAD PET is a female owned business founded by childhood friends Laurie and Faith. 

Our mission is CONVENIENCE, VALUE AND PEACE OF MIND. We live on opposite coasts and have a passion for dogs and all animals. Our pets are part of our families and we are dedicated to keeping them as safe as possible under all circumstances.  Faith cares for three dogs Waldo, Howie and Eli and has 3 Grand Puppies Marni, Margo and Millie.  Laurie is Fur Mom to her girl Scout. We started ON THE ROAD PET while searching for a well provisioned, practical and attractively priced pet emergency preparedness kit. We were dismayed by the available pet “Go Bags”. Most seemed to have been designed by people who don’t have pets.  We watched many videos on making a DIY “Bug Out Bag.”  We couldn’t find one that met all of our expectations at an acceptable price point, so we put our heart and souls into creating a better kit that offers “everything you need and nothing you don’t” at a significantly cheaper price than a typical DIY kit.

Emergency Pet

We are proud of our On The Road Pet Safe Travels and Adventures kit, which provides Convenience, Value and Peace of Mind.  We hope that you use your kit while having fun with your pet but we know that if a "ruff patch" strikes, you’ll be very glad that you “hoped for the best but were prepared for the worst.”  We wish you and your pets fun, safety and many happy years together. Let us hear from you.  Laurie and Faith

Emergency Road Pet