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The ON THE ROAD PETTM Safe Travels and Adventures kit is a true “grab and go” product.  We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.  Our kits provide true value for money, look cool and are smartly designed to be a great addition to your recreational or emergency preparedness equipment.  As packed, our String Bag can sustain a small to small-medium dog for 24 hours. 


  • String Bag. 

    Size:  17.5" H x 14.5" W x 0.125" D.  Weight loaded: 2.35 lbs.  This basic 210D polyester bag is sturdy and light to comfortably fit all of the included contents but large enough so you can throw in extras like your dog’s favorite toys and treats.  You can carry it as a stand-alone but it’s small enough fully loaded to fit in a larger pack.

  • Water.  4 U.S. Coast Guard approved packs of 4.225 oz. water with a five (5) year shelf life.   

  • 1 Silicon Bowl.  Flattens for easy storage.

  • 1 Bar of TurboPupTM (Complete K9 Meal Bars On The Go:  TurboPup is available in two flavors: bacon and peanut butter, either of which are included in the kit.  Each 2.2 oz. bar is nutritionally a complete meal.  TurboPUP bars have been formulated to exceed AAFCO standards for all stages of life for dogs with added vitamins, minerals and omega-3s and with 28 grams of protein. TurboPUP bars have a 2-year “best by” date and are sealed in airtight foil packaging. 

  • Nylon Braided Slip Leash and Collar Combination.  One size fits all.  Chihuahua or Great Dane.  Seriously.  In case you find yourself without a leash or collar, this all-in-one functions as both.  6’ long.

  • DIY ID Tag.  Maybe you’re visiting out of town or suddenly have a temporary address.  We give you a pencil, insert and plastic tag to create a new ID tag on the fly.
  • Blanket.  Size: 84” x 52”.  Retains 90% of body heat and can be used as a ground cover.
  • Poop Bags.  3 bags.  Because…do we really have to say it?
  • First Aid Kit.  This first aid kit was custom designed for us by a veterinarian. Contained in a resealable, waterproof bag, it  includes an easy to understand Quick Tips First Aid & Poison Control guide and: 4 Alcohol Preps, 2 Iodine Preps, 4 Nonstick Pads, 3 Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packs, 2 Tongue Depressors for splints, 2 Nitrile Gloves, 1 2” Stretch Bandage, 1 pair Scissors, 1 Tweezers, 1 Instant Cold Compress, 1 first Aid Tape (Hypoallergenic), 2 Gauze Rolls