Keep Your Pet's Current Vaccination Records With Your Kit

An important lesson was learned in the midst of disaster. During last Fall's devastating fires here in California a friend had to evacuate his home with 5 minutes warning.  He got his wife, son and 2 full grown 175 lb. Mastiffs out of danger. Their home, however, was completely destroyed.  As he was evacuating he called several kennels and doggie day cares attempting to find a temporary haven for the dogs.  None would accept the dogs without proof that they were up to date with their vaccinations.  The dogs' vet had evacuated as well and my friend had no way of proving that his dogs were current on their vaccinations. He found temporary refuge for the dogs with friends but an important lesson was learned that we should all pay attention to.  Get an up to date confirmation of your pet's vaccinations from your vet and keep a hard coy in your Safe Travels & Adventures Kit and upload it to your cloud storage, where it can be easily accessed.  Maintain the vaccination record as time goes on so that it is always current.  By the way, my friend is rebuilding but they may be asked to leave their temporary rental because the Mastiffs' snoring is keeping the downstairs neighbor awake at night.